Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Humble Pie, Anyone?

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but I find that I pick up life’s menu daily to find that the dessert listing always contains the option, Humble Pie. I have learned that voluntary selection of this option is a rather wise choice that keeps me in harmony with God and also with others. However, there seem to be seasons where I pick up life’s menu and find that all the entrées have been scratched through and someone has scribbled humble pie in the place of many much more desirable options. Unfortunately, I occasionally recognize that handwriting as my own. In other seasons, I feel that God is asking me to consume more humble pie than I feel any one person should be required to eat – as if I am being force-fed humble pie for the purpose of transforming me into the image of the One who was perfect in humility. But I typically find that the further I stretch myself and the busier my calendar becomes – I seem to eat the dreaded stuff more frequently and in larger quantities than I can stand.

Such was the case this week. If you received the apparently unedited version of the GCPN Communiqué that was sent out from the GCPN office a few days ago, I hope that you did not find wading through the swamp of misspellings and poor use of punctuation a total loss. Perhaps you could print this version of the Communiqué and take it with you on your next international flight as a replacement for your Sudoku puzzle book. However, if you are maintaining a tally sheet of errors – you may want to take plenty of paper along.

The truth is – buried in all of the grammatical disaster of that Communiqué were three great opportunities you will want to consider. Please click on the links below to explore these training options:

I pray that your summer has been full of Kingdom success. Enjoy the watermelon and ice cream... and if you’ve never tried it you might want to sample a small taste of the Humble Pie.

Together in the Kingdom.

Cindy Wiles


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Test comment.

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Test two.


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