Friday, October 21, 2011

If you are reading this blog post expecting to see the familiar logo of GCPN, you may be wondering, What is Kinexxus and how did I get on this mailing list? It’s a rather long story – much too long to hold your attention in a blog post– so I’ll skip a lot of the nuts and bolts and just give you the brief of it. Do you remember when Henry Blackaby shook your world by highlighting lots of truths from the scripture in Experiencing God back in the 80’s? Among Blackaby’s principles for knowing God’s will was this - watch and see what God the Father is doing and then join God in what He is doing. Jesus said, My Father is always at work to this very day and I too am working…the Son can do nothing by himself; he can only do what he sees his Father doing… (John 5:17-19). So what is the Father doing?

God is working in the Church. He is working in the churches. In the last 10 years we have watched God bring about a revival and commitment of the local church to reclaim her Christ-given role of witnesses to Christ in the lost world. We have watched as some particular denominations struggled to re-embrace the responsibility of the mission’s task after decades of missional atrophy. We have watched churches go through phases of frenzied mission activity that finally matured into a desire to do mission strategically. We are all growing up.

But one of the most encouraging recent observations is that God is leading churches to link with other churches around common affinities. Maybe it’s just the age of networking. Maybe it’s the fact that churches across the world – due to technology and connectivity – can now work effectively together around common affinities. Perhaps the affinity they form around is a common people group. Perhaps they are focusing their mission efforts on a common geographic region. Sometimes the affinity that draws churches together is a common cause such as orphan ministry, water resourcing or human trafficking. Leaders of these affinity networks have begun asking another question – What can we all share that will make the task easier for everyone?

This question is rooted in multiple conclusions:

•We want to be good stewards of Kingdom resources. This conviction is rooted in the desire to reduce duplication and live out authentic Kingdom collaboration. There is much that can be shared among churches and affinity networks – resources, knowledge, information, and practices.

•We are called to Kingdom Community. We simply cannot help ourselves. We authentically love each other and want to be a family. It’s a part of our make-up as relational beings possessing a common Lord and a common faith. We like to share with one another.

•The remaining task is hard. Affinity networks are many times highly dependent on a local church to implement missions and ministry on behalf of an affinity group of churches. The logistical weight of this can be very cumbersome for one local church.

•God is shaping us for missional effectiveness in this kairos. Every age of mission history has possessed unique expressions of order for the sake of effectiveness. In an age in which sweeping movements can be ignited through communities and networks via electronic and wireless technology, God is leading his church to utilize all possible means of igniting movements among unreached peoples of this world.

It is in this medium that Kinexxus has been formed. Affinity network leaders have come together around a common catalytic center. GCPN, the non-profit corporation has been identified as the common center that will be utilized to assist various mission networks in achieving their missional goals. Kinexxus will serve churches and affinity networks by providing the following:

•An Information Gateway - Information is empowerment. Whether your church is seeking
best missional practice or security information on your mission point, having access to the right people with the right information is crucial. Creating forums for communication and sharing of information is the nature of Kinexxus.

•Catalytic Services- Kinexxus offers a broad range of catalytic services to collaborative churches and affiliates.

•Strategic Networking - Churches in the Kinexxus network have access to mission expertise which allows for the formation of healthy mission practices. For those seeking an affinity connection, a resource or strategic guidance, Kinexxus links people and churches to others on the journey.

·A Common Table - Unity is our ethos. Respecting the beauty and strength of diversity, Kinexxus is committed to the autonomy of local churches and affinity networks in Great Commission efforts. Yet we strive for the unity of spirit and collaboration Jesus described in John17 – that all of them may be one…to let the world know that you sent me. We view our global network as our missions home and seek to encourage and strengthen those who sit at our table.

Learn more about Kinexxus and how your church can be a part at


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