Friday, November 22, 2013

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Kinexxus Workers Make A Difference!

I love it when God allows me to drop in on the ministries of Kinexxus workers across the world. One of those workers, Rochelle, is a young community development worker sent by a Texas church to live and serve among the people of Sierra Leone.  Although she attended high school and college in the U.S., Rochelle is Zimbabwean by heritage and feels very much “at home” among Sierra Leoneans.  I recently dropped in on a community where Rochelle led a community development project among war widows.  Huddled within small shelters made of mud, tin and tarps, these war widows are among the poorest of the poorest of the poor in Sierra Leone. Makeshift shelters that once comprised a refugee camp have become the permanent homes of these impoverished women. With a long and heavy rainy season, the worn and torn roofs of the little shelters are full of gaping holes that allow water to pour into the dark rooms of their houses.  With no way to protect themselves from the elements, the women and children in these households have suffered for years from sickness, sleep deprivation and the discomfort of being cold and wet for months on end.    Imagine the joyful song and dance that followed the application of sturdy tarps over the roofs of the women.  “I can now sleep!” they sang out as I wandered through the maze of huts, collecting children in train.  Like a joyful parade, the residents of the community expressed their gratitude for all Rochelle had done in working alongside them to utilize tarps and funds donated by a partner organization.  “Our children will be well!” they shouted to me as they rushed to greet me with open arms.

Kinexxus assists churches in placing workers among lost and needy communities across the world. 
This primarily Muslim community has experienced the love of Christ through Rochelle’s life and light among them.  You can make a difference by sending workers to be the hands and feet of Christ across the world.

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